Power of Visual Marketing

Unleash Your Visual Marketing Power

Back when everyone was shouting “content is king,” they forgot one important word.


Indeed, visual content is king.

While the right words can empower us, uplift us. Even sway us… Nothing gets our attention like well-designed visual content.

Take a quick look at the somewhat brief history of social media. The Facebook algorithm will change before you finish reading this blog post, but note the trend. The social media giant has moved from giving more precedence to words then to images and now to video.

Instagram and Pinterest — two social media networks with an emphasis on visual content — both grew (and continue to do so) at incredible rates. While descriptive text on these platforms should not be overlooked, I suspect the sharing of images, which are displayed with priority, had/has something to do with the success.

Oh, and Twitter, while still constraining us to a limited character count, first welcomed images to the stream then got into the video game with Vine and now Meerkat, touted as a possible game-changer for elections.

It’s all because images (and video) speak louder and faster than words.

Power of Visual Marketing

All Hail Visual Content!

So “visual marketing” and “visual content” and the like are not new terms. But the aim of this blog is to put a fresh spin on all things visual.

The goal is to share the best secrets and professional tips to small business owners and online entrepreneurs, helping in three areas:

  • Developing a visual marketing strategy.
  • Creating engaging visual content.
  • Building a bold brand.

Do this and you will rise above the clutter — above your competition — and stand out as an expert in your industry. Then doing what you do best will be a whole lot easier.

Hang on… And get ready to unleash the power of visual marketing.

What questions do you have about visual content, visual marketing strategy, or design?

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