Best business brand colors for your audience

How to Pick the Best Brand Color for Your Audience

When building a brand, the colors in everything from your logo to the clothes you wear can impact the thoughts, decisions and opinions of clients or customers.

You might be feeling overwhelmed, or if you’re like me, you think of random songs like Harry Chapin’s Flowers are Red. ::singing:: “There are so many colors in the rainbow… I see every one…”

But, take heart. We can determine the best color for your personal brand, business or organization by answering three questions:

  1. What’s My Favorite Color?
  2. What’s the Best Color for My Ideal Audience?
  3. What Does My Brand Color Mean? (We’re talking color psychology.)

We discussed the first question about favorite colors in a previous post. Now we will dive into the best color for an ideal audience.

What’s the Best Color for My Ideal Audience?

So you’ve decided what colors you like and hate personally. How about your ideal audience?

Love ALL the colors!

Love ALL the colors!

Time to do some research. Think about your ideal audience for a moment… What other companies and brands rank among their favorites? Who do they like and follow? What brand of clothes do they wear? Favorite foods and drinks? Car models (and colors) they like to drive?

There will be some unique characteristics here and there, but common (even obvious) patterns will begin to emerge.

Now, we definitely do not want to negatively stereotype, but advertisers have been effectively targeting audiences for years.

People are predictable. We become creatures of habit and gravitate towards things and other people we like or can relate to.

Bottom line? There will be some obvious brand colors that just won’t work for your ideal audience. Eliminate those. And you’ve eliminated your least favorite colors already.

Now, find common colors that you like and your ideal customer loves. If you are able to narrow it down at this point, you should be able to pick a color (or colors) that work.

One other aspect of brand colors for your business is meanings of colors. And we’ll take a look at that in the next blog post. Stay tuned…

(Oh, and if you’re not familiar with that Harry Chapin song, have a listen below.)

Let me know what you think: Can any color work for any brand? What color resonates with your audience?

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