5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Use Instagram

Beyond the Duck Face and FoodPorn: 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Be on Instagram

Much like Pinterest has grown beyond recipes and crafts, Instagram is more than ridiculous selfies and pictures of lunch. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

If you are an online entrepreneur — or really any small business owner these days — then, yes, you need to be on social media. But I’ll argue you must be on Instagram.

I’ll even go as far to say Instagram is the most important social media network.

Can’t Be on Every Social Media Network? (Better Be on Instagram)

I would encourage every entrepreneur to have a presence across all of social media. But the grass is greener where you water it. Without a strategy or small team, you might not be able to truly be everywhere.

So when you’re just getting started, I’d suggest you start with Instagram.

Because at the end of the day, social media is about relationships… It’s about people. Social media is not about selling. Sure you can sell on social, but you will be more successful if you give and engage first. Then folks will want to do business with you (because they already know, like and trust you).

And Instagram is the perfect place to increase connections and build that trust. 

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5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Be on Instagram

  1. It’s Visual, Baby!

    Instagram started around the visual. True, all social media networks are focusing on images now as it is proven visual content gets more eyeballs and higher engagement. But while some social networks didn’t start that way (Twitter was once 140 characters of text only, for example), Instagram began with the image in mind — and that’s how the majority of human beings communicate.

  2. Easy Content Creation

    It’s easy to create content and post it fast on Instagram. This is somewhat true across the board as apps improve and great tools like Canva are more readily available. Instagram is built for mobile and there are a ton of mobile apps that make content creation a breeze. And since our smartphone doubles as a camera, it’s easy to capture new photos on the fly.

  3. Always In Hand, On Mind

    Speaking of mobile, Instagram is always in hand. Even when we step away from the computer, our smartphone is still within reach. Every network has a mobile app, of couse. But Instagram is the biggest network/app I know of that is best viewed and used on our phones. You have to use a phone to post new content so it’s naturally on our minds while the phone is in hand.

  4. Higher Engagement

    The doubletaps and comments don’t lie. If you’re involved in the Instagram community, it doesn’t take long to feel the love. While our posts and updates often get lost in the sea of overwhelm on Twitter and Facebook, engagement is instant and almost always higher on Instagram. (Don’t believe me just try it!)

  5. Personal Connection

    (This is a big one… Possibly my fav!) These days, it’s not all big business. Lots of people might trust big companies that are established, but we all want to do business with other people. We want to connect with individuals and know the face(s) behind the brands. Instagram, with it’s behind-the-scenes peeks and personalized vibe, helps us get that connection we crave.

So if you’re not on Instagram, what are you waiting for?

And if you agree that Instagram is a must and have an account setup already, be sure to check out my profile and follow me for more visual content tips and secrets.

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  1. Louise Myers
    Louise Myers says:

    Great points, Rob! I love Instagram – as well as Pinterest for the amazing blog traffic.

    I’m starting to feel like Twitter is a time suck, and Facebook has become the ugly stepchild. LOL!

    The more time I put into Twitter, the less results I see. Instagram really has a good vibe to it. But let’s not get it TOO crowded, OK? 😉

    • Rob Russo
      Rob Russo says:

      LOL, Louise. Wonder how long we can keep Instagram and all it’s magical marketing secrets to ourselves? That’s what happens when we teach how great one social channel is… Everyone flocks to it until the next one is “scoped” out. 😉

  2. Mallie Hart
    Mallie Hart says:

    I’m going to don my usual devil’s advocate hat here, Rob. Yes, Instagram is a power-punch for visual marketers. But, and this is going to be shocking to some, there are scads of both smart AND savvy marketers who just aren’t visual. Some big names, even. And that’s great.

    For years, even to this day, we’ve been told we HAVE TO be on Facebook. I do less and less on Facebook each week and it barely impacts me. Must and have to statements just don’t fly in 2015.

    You’re rocking Instagram, and more power to you. But some really rock steady visual marketers are giving Instagram a pass. Andrea Beltrami is one of them. It’s not biting her in the butt now, and I don’t believe it will do so in the future. She’s leveraged her followings on G+ and Pinterest and she’s feeling no pain.

    I’m very visual on Twitter and I’ll continue to be, because that’s where I get the most out of my interactions. I’m not giving up on Instagram, but I’d never tell anyone they HAVE TO be on it.

    • Rob Russo
      Rob Russo says:

      Absolutely love your candid response, Mallie. I haven’t really connected with Andrea Beltrami, but I have seen her work on Google+ and know she’s rocking it… She, and marketers like you, that are established and have found (or continue to evolve) in their expertise and the social channel(s) that work for them may, in fact, leave Instagram alone.

      I should have clarified, I’m talking to the new or up-and-coming entrepreneur that’s just getting started and/or those that feel a bit overwhelmed… You know it’s hard to be everywhere and be fully committed. All of us find our zone and, well, the grass is greener where we water it!

      But one can find community and engagement (proven to be higher than on Facebook and Twitter, according to Socialbakers, Forrester Research and others) on Instagram fast. That’s why I think Instagram is the perfect place to start for *most* entrepreneurs.

  3. Gio
    Gio says:

    I believe it was Jim Collins in Great by Choice that told a story about btellus before cannons balls, which is similar to the MVP idea. Back in the day when the major weapon of choice on a ship was the cannon ball, the captain would first order his men to shoot at the enemy ship using bullets. It was much cheaper to miss with a bullet, than the cannon ball. Once they had the distance and trajectory locked in from the bullet, they would then fire the cannon ball. Collins then use his analogy to relate to a business just like the MVP idea. Start with a small idea that isn’t going to cost much and try it out. Once you’ve locked in go big. I use this idea all the time.

  4. Mallie Hart
    Mallie Hart says:

    I absolutely agree with you that it’s much easier to get a solid start on Instagram than it is on Facebook. I’ve almost completely given up on FB. My sharing is so wishy-washy and sporadic as to be almost amusing!

    I’ve embraced Instagram. I still need to finalize an actual concerted effort and plan. I may try to pick your brain in future!


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