Scary Visual Marketing Trends to Avoid

5 Scary Visual Marketing Trends that Make Customers Scream (And Could Kill Your Brand)

We are exposed to a shocking amount of visual content. And much of it is scary.

Most of us are just consuming (or lurking) without creating, as it is suggested that only 1% of the Internet is creating.

So if you are creating unique content to build your brand, you are in the minority already. Ahead of the curve.

But beware! If you are creating frighteningly bad visual content, it could be bad for business.

In many cases, consumers are apt to remember the scary stuff. When you mess up. Do something wrong. Or forget…
Over time you will hear customers scream, send them scrambling… You could even kill your brand.

Here are 5 visual marketing trends and tips you should avoid if you want to keep customers engaged.


Creepy Colors

If you don’t have a creative eye for color, seek help from a designer to establish a set color scheme for your business.

If you insist on DIY-ing a pleasing palette for your brand, don’t reinvent the (color) wheel. Research (and dare I say copy) from established schemes that have been proven to work.

Find color scheme inspiration from some color experts. Start on Instagram with @designseeds and @coolors_co, for example.

Ghastly Gradients

Speaking of colors, don’t pick a bunch of random ones and make a gradient just because you can.

Gradients done right: Instagram Logo DesignSure Instagram itself pulled off a nice gradient in their 2016 logo and brand makeover.

That doesn’t mean you should do the same.

And it doesn’t mean any random color combo makes for a eye-catching gradient. Not all are pleasing. Some with make hair stand on its end.

When in doubt, skip the gradient.

Start with one color and go from there. Instagram aside, take notice of most social media sites and their simple brand color(s). Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter stick with blue. YouTube and Pinterest use red. Snapchat tries yellow…

Frightening Fonts

As with colors, there are numerous fonts at your fingerprints.

Avoid freaky fonts like Comic SansBut just because you can download 1001+ free fonts in the time you finish reading this blog article, doesn’t mean you should use them.

In most cases, less is best. Use no more than 3 fonts in your business branding.

Pick one font that is incredibly easy to read — a very legible font for most of your copy.

Add a complementary one for contrast.

Then, if you’re feeling daring, add a whimsical font for flair. Something to use on occasion.

In branding, for example, Roboto is the default go-to. It’s a clear, easy-to-read sans serif.

Then, Lora is added, a serif for contrast.

Hello Lucky makes an appearance when we need a little something extra.

Like a vampire to garlic, avoid trendy and trite fonts at all costs. They will tire easily, and could suck the life from your branding.

Vanishing Visuals

The only thing worse than bad visual content is no visual content.

You know the need for visual content. You’ve heard the recent statistics and are reminded of the old adages (picture still worth a thousand words?) daily.

You don’t have to be creative to want visual content for your brand. Even if you’re not a designer, visual marketing shouldn’t scare you.

The important step is the first one. Start implanting visual marketing strategies now and tweak as you go. You will get better!

Ghost Posting

Post and Go? Oh, no!Do you post to your social media profiles then disappear like a ghost? Hopefully not!

Now, this rule goes beyond visual content marketing and applies across the board… A general rule of social media engagement.

Stick around and be friendly like Casper. Engage with folks that like and comment on your posts. Keep the conversation going.

Don’t expect your customers to show up if you aren’t around.

Skip the creepy colors, ghastly gradients, and frightening fonts and keep your visual content designs simple. Your message will be more clear and memorable.

If you don’t have an eye for design, visual marketing can be tricky.

But no worries. As a treat, here’s just the guide (free) you need to get started — no design skills or fancy software required.

Are these trends dead on or lacking? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you know someone that could benefit from this post, please share it with them.

What other scary visual marketing trends should we all avoid?

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