Color Psychology Defined: How to Pick the Best Color for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

From flowers to fashion, color is all around us. And color plays a big role in business branding & identity, of course.

If you’re building a personal brand — or the brand of a business or organization — the colors in everything from your logo to the clothes you wear can impact the thoughts, decisions and opinions of clients or customers. A small tweak in color could alter the way a customer clicks on your “buy now” button (or misses it) or even picks up your product from the shelf, be it virtual or within the walls of your brick and mortar store. You can stand out with color.

In three easy steps we can determine the best color for your personal brand, business or organization. Whether you’re just getting started and have to pick brand colors for the first time, or you’re about to go through a brand refresh, it’s time to nail down the best color for you.

Here are three questions to consider:

  1. What’s My Favorite Color?
  2. What’s the Best Color for My Ideal Audience?
  3. What Does My Brand Color Mean? (We’re talking color psychology.)

Time to dive into the first question. (We’ll discuss the other questions — and share even more color tips and examples — in future posts in this blog series.)

What’s My Favorite Color?

Start asking yourself this question. Or, go straight in the opposite direction to ask: What colors do I hate?

Hate is a strong word but let’s face it. You might determine the best color for your brand is pink. You’re target audience loves pink, and pink works for your industry.

Love or Hate the Color Pink?

ALL the pink!

But you hate pink.

You don’t have to explain it. You just have a distaste for a certain color. Well, it might seem trivial, but whether you’re building your business every day and just working a side hustle, you will be thinking about your brand a lot. You will be looking at you website and creating visual content for social media often… And, of course you’ll be incorporating your brand color(s) a lot (if you’re smart).

This doesn’t mean you can never change or tweak your brand colors. Nor does it mean that everything rests on a color you may choose today. That’s a lot of pressure!

But you’ll be staring at your color a lot. You’ll be using this color. And if you wear your brand color (not uncommon), you will have a wardrobe of it!

Even if your brand color is your favorite color, you will get tired of it before your audience does. You will tell yourself it’s time for a brand refresh because your audience must be getting tired of it… But remember, they aren’t looking at it as much as you are.

You should keep your logo and brand colors for awhile — possibly forever — for brand consistency and recognition. Can you imagine if Target stores dropped the red?

Bottom line? You have to live with what you choose. You have to love and like — or at the very least tolerate — your brand colors.

So while you don’t have to pick your favorite color (please don’t if it doesn’t align with your customers and niche at all), you definitely should NOT pick a color you hate even if that color seems to be the perfect color for your brand.

Let me know what you think: Can any color work for any brand? Can you see working with a color that you despise while building a brand you love?