Best business brand colors for your audience

How to Pick the Best Brand Color for Your Audience

When building a brand, the colors in everything from your logo to the clothes you wear can impact the thoughts, decisions and opinions of clients or customers. You might be feeling overwhelmed, or if you’re like me, you think of random songs like Harry Chapin’s Flowers are Red. ::singing:: “There are so many colors in the rainbow… […]

Best Business Branding Color: What Your Customer Wants

Color Psychology Defined: How to Pick the Best Color for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

From flowers to fashion, color is all around us. And color plays a big role in business branding & identity, of course. If you’re building a personal brand — or the brand of a business or organization — the colors in everything from your logo to the clothes you wear can impact the thoughts, decisions and opinions […]

2017 Visual Content Marketing Trends

2017 Visual Content Marketing Trends

Time to go out on a limb and predict the trends we will see ripple throughout the mass of visual content marketing to be consumed in 2017. Let’s dig right in. 1. Signatures This trend in visual content has been on the rise for a bit, and will continue to grown in 2017. I realized this […]

7 Best Visual Marketing Posts of 2016

7 Best Visual Marketing Posts of 2016

What a year 2016 was! We survived(?) a crazy election in the United States, watched the world compete in another Olympics, lost iconic musicians including David Bowie and Prince… And witnessed some crazy Mother Nature weather events. And, ahem, some of us became somewhat obsessed with Pokémon Go. Those of us in the online marketing space — […]

4 Reasons You Should Start Using IG Stories Today (It's a No-Brainer!)

No-Brainer: 4 Reasons You Should Start Using IG Stories Today

If you aren’t using Instagram Stories yet, you should. Even as haters are still mumbling about the Snapchat copycat, those that have jumped at the chance to broadcast a story are getting noticed. It is different that just another Instagram post. And it’s just one more way you can stand out and get noticed by […]

Set up an Instagram Business Account like a Pro (in 7 Easy Steps)

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account Like a Pro (in 7 Easy Steps)

The last thing you want to do is sign up for Instagram and then tell everyone to follow you — without completing your profile or even posting your first post. Incomplete profiles — missing contact info, photos, and such — tell potential customers to move on, because you’re not serious about your business. So if […]

Scary Visual Marketing Trends to Avoid

5 Scary Visual Marketing Trends that Make Customers Scream (And Could Kill Your Brand)

We are exposed to a shocking amount of visual content. And much of it is scary. Most of us are just consuming (or lurking) without creating, as it is suggested that only 1% of the Internet is creating. So if you are creating unique content to build your brand, you are in the minority already. […]

Kickstart your visual content marketing

Kickstart Your Visual Content Marketing Without Delay

No designer on staff. No funds to contract one, not even for a single project. And you think you have zero creative bones in your body. It’s no problem. I’m going to share the fastest way to kickstart your visual marketing in the new year or to launch a new brand at any time FAST — no design skills required. […]

Orange Spine and Purple Cow: Stand Out with Color

My wife is writing her first book. But as she’s working toward that title of author, she’s filling the roles of teacher, maid, dishwasher, and chef (and every other job title that comes with being a stay-at-home mom of a homeschool family). In addition, she loves science and everything about the outdoors. So much so that […]