4 Reasons You Should Start Using IG Stories Today (It's a No-Brainer!)

No-Brainer: 4 Reasons You Should Start Using IG Stories Today

If you aren’t using Instagram Stories yet, you should. Even as haters are still mumbling about the Snapchat copycat, those that have jumped at the chance to broadcast a story are getting noticed.

It is different that just another Instagram post. And it’s just one more way you can stand out and get noticed by potential clients or customers.

In fact, I started watching IG Stories of people I had followed long ago — and forgotten about. They’ve either posted less on their Instagram feed, or the algorithm has buried their posts from my standard view.

But now that these folks are posting stories, they show up front and center.

Maybe you’re afraid to jump in front of your camera, still hesitant about video. Well, you can post images, add text — just like other visual content — and you don’t have to be on the screen at first.

If you still need some convincing to give Instagram Stories a shot, check out these four reasons you should get on board today.

1. Quick Connect— A quick way to connect with your (potential) clients and customers and deliver a quick tip. It is even more instant or immediate than a standard Instagram post for two reasons.

First, Instagram is pushing stories by default. Second, many brands are raising the bar on standard Instagram posts. They are becoming more stylized, beautiful, perfect. IG Stories is more forgiving, more “behind the scenes” that Instagram once was.

Just get out there and connect!

2. Personal Connection— A personal connection, adding your face to the brand. Especially with a business account … You can now allow your main profile feed to flow with a consistent, professional look. A coffee shop selfie might not fit your business feed, but it can fit into your IG Stories.

Still focus on giving your followers high-value content, but the delivery can be more candid.

Personally, I haven’t mastered the “put my photo in every post” like Gary Vee. While that does put your face front and center and help build a personal brand, it might be hard to accomplish without an endless supply of pro photos and a camera crew following you around.

But I can add my face into IG Stories in an instant. Show your face more to build that personal connection

3. Immediate CTAs— For a limited-time offer or a quick call-to-action- command, Instagram Stories is the perfect vehicle to deliver your message. Since IG Stories disappear after 24 hours, it’s great to post a “BUY NOW” limited-time event. If you posted about a limited offer in your regular feed you would have to go in and delete it. Otherwise it will look out of place and be stale fast.

4. Broader Topics— A niched-down focus rules on Instagram, but stories allow for broader topics. My Instagram feed @boldbrandfast is all about visual marketing. And my feed flows together in a systematic way as I share visual content creating tips and tutorials.

But as I continue to build a personal brand and connect with my audience, I want them to remember me. Fans become friends and they want to know more about you. Use Instagram Stories to post about other interests (that first cup of coffee, checking in at the gym, walking your dog) to come across as a real person behind the screen.

You’re living a life bigger than just selling something on Instagram.

Are you ready to try Instagram Stories?

How else could you use IG Stories to connect with your perfect audience and build your brand? Or, if you’re still hesitant, what are your biggest stumbling blocks in giving IG Stories a shot?

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