2017 Visual Content Marketing Trends

2017 Visual Content Marketing Trends

Time to go out on a limb and predict the trends we will see ripple throughout the mass of visual content marketing to be consumed in 2017.

Let’s dig right in.

1. Signatures

This trend in visual content has been on the rise for a bit, and will continue to grown in 2017.

I realized this would be a trend when I first saw Gary Vaynerchuk “sign” his Instagram posts, followed by (almost) every one of his Instagram Stories. Now the infamous signature is everywhere. Even on tee shirts.

Then, I saw Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus add his digital penmanship to his content. And, more recently, I noticed Lewis Howes following suit.
Digital Signatures - Visual Content Marketing Design Trend

I’m not suggesting GaryVee invented this look, but I don’t know who started this first. I dig it, and wish I would have thought of it. Paired with a great headshot, your signature commands attention. It sorta says, “Look at me! I’m an expert.”

Of course, credit for bold signature use would probably go to John Hancock when he signed the Declaration of Independence.

Who’s going to use it next?

Instagram Expert Sue B. Zimmerman embraces Instagram gradient logo2. Radient Gradients

When Instagram revealed a redesigned logo, decked out in a radiant gradient, many Gram fans and designers roared. There was whining and complaining as with any change. But then many embraced it, including The Instagram Expert herself, Sue B. Zimmerman. Sue B. showcases the Instagram logo (and her dog, Cody) via signs, cookies, and pillows.

Often trends catch on slowly, beginning with an unwanted change. Then we become accustomed to the new look. Most of us forget the old ways and want a shiny new look, too. Now that Instagram is all-on gradient, get ready for a slew of copycats.

3. Simple Color

Just when the gradient trend is in full swing, many will tire of the multi-color madness and opt for simple color. Like one color.

Similar to the flat design trend of recent years, one-color (or very limited color) palettes will make a big splash.

I’ve been preaching how effective one-color design can be, especially when you’re just getting started in building a new brand. Examples I use over and over include Target (red), Tiffany & Co. (blue), as well as the majority of social networks — except Instagram, of course. See Trend #2 above.

Brian Fanzo has been around and making a scene for awhile. And while his love of yellow has been ever-present, his use of this bright color has grown along with his personal brand.

Greenery, Pantone Color of the Year 20174. Fresh Color

Inspired by Greenery, the 2017  Pantone Color of the Year, it’s time for refreshing, cool colors to resurface. Move over bright red and energizing yellow. Natural and earthy greens (and maybe some browns and purples) will take center stage.

Established brands will keep their color, of course. You know my orange isn’t going anywhere! But if you’re starting up and looking for a simple color scheme (see trend #3), then you can’t go wrong with green.

5. Sophisticated Stories

As live streaming and quick-clip videos become more popular, online entrepreneurs and brands will have to do more to stand out from the clutter.

A trend gaining popularity in Instagram Stories, for example, is to have a theme or overall look. Introduce your stories with a title card or “cover,” like a book. With an engaging, eye-catching cover you can draw folks in… Entice them to keep watching. Then you get into the content.

Think animated text, enhanced audio… How will you up your video game?

6. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs have been around awhile, but we will see more in 2017. Where will they pop up? They’ve been on Twitter for awhile, but I think they will be embedded in blog posts more often.
Say YES to animated gifs!
I’m taking a cue from Dustin W. Stout, who says every post should include an animated gif.

So that’s it. Six trends to look for, and even try to incorporate if you’re up for it. A word of caution, though: Don’t jump on a trend just because it’s, well, trendy. Stay true to your brand, your voice. Utilize a trend if it fits in with your strategy and makes you relevant.

Do you agree with these? Do you have a better idea of visual content trends you think will surface — or ones that are gaining traction already? Let me know in the comments.

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    • Simao
      Simao says:

      Hi Jane, if you´re after simple quick solutions, there are a number of nifty apps that will help you create animated gis and even videos. Flipagram, Pearl, Spark Post, Pearl, Collage – all these are for mobile and fairly uncomplicated. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Simao
    Simao says:

    Good one, Rob (Y) – I think video will play a major role in everything visual we see, it´s started to rank better across a range of platforms. Most content now has a video component to it and it´s being pushed by influencers and software manufacturers.


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