Best color for business brand branding

1 Color Rules All: The Best Color for Your Visual Content

When selecting the perfect color to represent your business and brand, you need to choose the best color before you create your next (or first) piece of visual content.

It’s best to limit your choices. If you’ve narrowed it down to two or three colors, that’s a good start. But I challenge you to narrow it down more.

If you can select just one color, you’ll be doing your brand — and yourself — a favor.

Just one color? Yes.

Twitter founder Biz Stone has said, “creativity comes from constraint.”

If this is a new concept to you, I know it’s hard to imagine. Just one color… Seems so boring when there’s a whole rainbow to work with, right?

But a complex color scheme can be overwhelming and — if not used correctly — will look chaotic, or amateur at best.

Choose ONE color for your business to stand out.

Complex color schemes can be overwhelming and — if not used correctly — look chaotic + amateur.Click To Tweet

Color Scheme Case Studies

Business Brand ColorsHave a look at some big brands for inspiration. Here are several examples of big business branding that packs a punch with just one color.

  • Target aims at red.
  • Home Depot is built on orange.
  • National Geographic explores yellow.
  • Starbucks perks up with green.
  • Facebook likes blue.
  • Yahoo searches purple.

This doesn’t mean you have to choose and only use one color, but the best brands that master this simplified concept excel.

Have you seen the infamous Tiffany & Co. blue box? Its’ iconic, very recognizable and never any color but their Tiffany Blue. I have not purchased anything from the company personally, but that blue is forever branded in my mind as something special. Something unique, very luxurious, and easy to spot a mile away.

I challenge you to set constraints. See what you can do with just one color. I think you’ll be surprised!

Social Media Networks Stand Out Among Millions of Colors Online

I’ve mentioned Facebook above already, but take a look at any of the top social media networks.

They’ve each chosen one color to represent their brand. Along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn went with blue. Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube chose red. Snapchat and Meerkat hit the scene with a youthful yellow.

Why Choose One Color to Create Visual Content?

There are several reasons you should embrace constraint. We will explore all the benefits of representing your brand with one color in the future, but for now know this: You get more bang for your buck.

In other words, you save time but people will notice and are more likely to remember you.

avocadoshirtco-intagram-imagesWith less choices to be made, decisions can be made easier and quicker. Design time is slashed. The next time you open up your favorite design app or program, you can focus on creating the best content instead of first choosing what color to use.

Take a look at some graphics I made for my startup, Avocado Shirt Co., that were posted to our Instagram account. These images got noticed by Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman and she has since featured our Instagram account on her CreativeLive courses.

One of things Sue mentioned was our use of color to convey a consistent look and feel. Since avocados are green, choosing the best color for Avocado Shirt Co. was easy. Not only is it fun to think about guacamole while creating these quirky graphics, it’s that much easier when the color is chosen already.

Have you chosen one color to represent you, your brand or your business?

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  1. Louise Myers
    Louise Myers says:

    Well done, Rob! I’ll have to work on restraining myself 😉 Though I don’t hesitate to add, I’ve been known as “the woman who wears bright colors” for decades. So at least I’m consistent in tone, if not hue 😀


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